Tuesday, August 2, 2011

El Gastro, Gardens and Giving

Any chance you'll happen to be in Wellandport on August 16th?

I'm hoping you may find it worth the drive!

It isn't every day, you see, that genuine gourmet dining drives into town, and parks in my driveway.

In fact, since 'The Small Town Diner" closed up shop a good five years ago, good luck finding a dining spot anywhere in town.

I'm so happy that Adam and Tam of the brilliant peapod cuisine and their new adventure El Gastronomo Vagabundo  will be hitting my driveway on the 16th, 5-8 pm.

Bring chairs, beverages if you'd like (this isn't Flat Rock!) and I can show off my pig Joey and other important Tree and Twig representatives. Gardens too, if you wish.

We're also doing a little fundraising, to try to help out my friend Erin Wilson, who is off to Iraq to participate in the "One Shot Project".  I'll raffle off some veggie baskets and tomatoes, and we'll see if we can buy a few more cameras for the trip to Iraq.  Hope you can make it!

Here's the story behind Erin's trip:

I'm doing some volunteer work for The ONE-SHOT Project.  ONE-SHOT
holds photography workshops for kids on the margins in northern Iraq.
The kids will learn not only photography skills, peacemaking skills,
basic art concepts, but they'll also learn techniques to process their
stories.  Eventually there will be a full-on photography school
developed, so that kids on the margins with interest and talent in
photography will be able to pursue their dreams.  For many of these
kids, The ONE-SHOT Project is truly their 'one shot' at having

The very first workshop kicks off at the beginning of September, with
15-20 Kurdish orphans.  We're trying to get enough point & shoot
cameras (and SD cards) for the entire class.  If you've upgraded your
gear and have a working point & shoot camera that you're not using,
please consider donating it.  It will be put to great use and get to
go on an adventure!

If you've got a camera to donate, or would like to know more, please
get in touch!  If you would pass this email along to someone who might
be able to help, that would be wonderful!  And if you'd like to visit
The ONE-SHOT Project website, please go here:


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