Saturday, August 27, 2011

(More) Cool things in the garden

A day of weeding again with my dear sister Susanne.

Thanks to all the folks who stopped in today to purchase their veggies. You know it is grown here and is fresh when you watch me pick it!

There's lots of food in the garden right now. My motto this year is "If I'm here, I'm open...and I'm usually here!"  To be sure, you can call ahead.

Saturdays are usually a good bet.

Here are a few things you might see as you wander the garden and wait for me to pick your food...

Summer Snowflake Marigold. Wow- I love it.

Turkish Orange eggplant

A picture does not do this justice-Amish Cockscomb

My late planted beets-up for the challenge!

One of the most commented on(ie-what is that?) Cardoon!

Red Noodle Yard Long Beans


My Organic Gardening test garden sunflowers

Yes, it is a tomato and I didn't spray paint it!

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