Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Tomato Bash" Update

Thanks everyone for the great response to my "Tomato Bash" invitation.

I think we're full up now, so if you haven't replied to the invite..well, there is next year. Unless I feel the need for a career change.

And if it pours again, maybe you'll be the one laughing!

This is how it is looking.

Sunday, September 4th, from 1-4pm. 


If you are unsure where "here" is, check out the  directions on my website by following the link "Contact Us".

Or you can do the old fashioned thing, that people like me still do.  Just call.

I am really looking forward to having everyone here.

It is a minimum donation (please) of $10.00 per person, but kids are welcome and of course free.  

Like last year all extra money collected when you come in will be donated to one of my favourite groups Seed Savers Exchange. Yes, it is headquartered in the US, but the good work has had a huge effect worldwide. And a huge affect on me personally.

I am anticipating 4 very talented individuals to be here to showcase the tomatoes.
Kevin Maniaci, executive chef from Inn on the Twenty ( tentative, but I really hope!) , Mark Picone, Marlie Centawer with her raw vegan magic and Shawn Murphy The Keefer Mansion.

I'm not sure what they are going to come up with. But it will be delicious. Uber delicious. Uber tomato deliciousness. (I'll stop there.)

We'll have the tomato tasting table set up again and will have some nice treats for you to sample.  There will be salsas, tomato cake and muffins, and more.

I'm looking for a wacky tomato recipe to share. it will be a surprise, probably to all of us!

And we'll try some unusual things from my garden too. 

If you have any tomato dishes you really love that you'd like to share, or even any experimental tomato dishes, feel free to bring them out.

If you want to bring your favourite tomatoes for people to taste, please do. Or any other edible garden treasure.

We'll tour the garden, (which I pray to God above will be weeded by then), enjoy music by Paul Federici (thanks!) enjoy a glass of wine, or two and sample great food.

I will have some produce, preserves, seeds and  "No Guff Gardening" books for sale as well. And Steven Biggs, the books' author will be on hand as well. (Hopefully he ignores the weeds-or pulls a few.)

I truly look forward to welcoming you to my home and small farm.

We go, rain or shine!


barefoot_and_frolicking said...

I'm really looking forward to taking part in your event Linda! Thank you so much :)

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