Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Tomato Bash" Update-Bring wine glasses, bring chairs!

I'm looking forward to Sunday and my little tomato party.

My dilemma is which tomato shirt to wear. My stylish new-this year red one, pictured above, or do I go back to the fav, I "heart" Tomatoes? Maybe I'll change part way through! Yes- that's it!

Thanks to everyone who accepted the invite. The numbers are a little higher than anticipated, but what the heck. We'll have fun.

And it nearly appears the weather may cooperate.

When I checked the forecast for Sunday 2 weeks ago, even 1 week ago, thunderstorms were predicted.
As of today, just a 40% chance of rain, otherwise a mix of sun and cloud.


As a person who relies on the weather, 40% generally never happens in my experience. Please don't let it happen this time!

So things don't get too difficult, the church at the corner of my road has kindly agreed to let us use their overflow parking area. Watch for the "Tomato Parking" sign. Turn in just after the gravel church lot, a lane turning into a grassy area, park. and make the short walk down the road.

I have some lovely cases of Cave Spring wine. ( May need to buy more!) I will have plastic wine glasses available, but it won't taste quite as good as if you bring your own favourite wine glass from home. Lawn chairs too, if you wish.

When you arrive you'll be directed around the back of the property where you can pick up your invitation. You may leave your donation in the envelope which will help me cover my costs. $10. would be wonderful.

Any excess will be used to help me pay for a lifetime membership to Seed Savers Exchange...a goodly sum for a small farmer. It helps them,  it helps me and helps me support them. Thank you in advance for your help with this. To me, it's huge.

We'll do the garden tour first, heading out about 1:15pm, then back up for the tomato tasting, tomato treats created by my special guest chefs and treats made by friends, family and me. If you have a special tomato dish, or even tomato you would like to share, please bring them along.

There will be a cleverly designed system for voting for your favourite tomato. Not sure what it is yet, but whew...it will be clever. I am suspecting there will be a lot more varieties for you to taste this year.

There will be tomatoes and other veg for sale, preserves, seeds from my 2010 stock at deep discount and "No Guff Gardening" books.  Mollie will be helping out "Niagara Action for Animals" by selling raffle tickets.  You just know how persuasive she can be.  Great organization she's helping.

Look forward to seeing everyone. Come enjoy yourself and let's talk tomatoes!

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