Friday, August 12, 2011

I am not a charity...but nor are you. (Part 2)

It's been that kind of a week. There have been good moments and moments I'm just going to move beyond.

I mean, when you find a tomato like this growing in your garden, you just have to smile.  Mother Nature has a good sense of humour sometimes, so thanks dear lady for that.

And more good. Of course chatting with folks who come to pick up veggies.  Some I know quite well and some not at all. 

I know my hours this year are confusing. If I'm here I'm open. And I'm usually here.  

Thanks for stopping in.

And my regular customers. I'm glad you stay and talk to me. And especially thanks for the super kind gesture of "holiday support" I'll call it.

 Wow. You know who you are.

I lucked out with my help this week too.  

I did a little favour for a woman in the spring, and she vowed she would get back here to help me.  She's called a few times, but this week the timing was right.  

It has been a little scary around here with the weeds.  As in...are there really tomatoes under there?

We discovered a lot of them today. And it turns out I went to high school with this kind person (who even brought a friend to help weed!) I'm looking in the (Dundas) Parkside High yearbook tonight....I'll find you.

Pretty great really to pull weeds and reminisce with a former classmate about high school, and teachers and, well, fun stuff. Takes you back. Running cross country, high school dances, school trips. Boys.  

I said a few goodbyes this week too.  I was nursing a sick chicken, who sadly died in my arms this afternoon.  I don't do well with this aspect of life. It just never gets easier. 

I also did what a business never wants to do.  I said goodbye to a paying customer.  

As it turns out a very revered restaurant I deal with on and off used my name on an event menu without actually using my produce. Kudos to social media for making me aware of this. As I dug a little deeper it was clear to me that this was not a mistake.

It isn't the first time this has happened to me but damn...why does it happen?

Integrity and honesty are huge to me and I requested my name be removed from the in-house menu. 

When people go to a farmers market, they know there are produce resellers there.  But should you have to wonder if a fine restaurant is being honest about their source?

It just sucks.

I'll continue to deal with those above reproach.  Inn on the Twenty, Mark Picone, 
The Whisk and Ladle, peapod(ElGastro) and a few more.  Makes me appreciate you all the more.

And as for me...well, I'll have a few extra veggies to sell. So come on out!

I'm usually here!


Tiffany Mayer said...

Sorry about your chicken.

Madeline McKeever said...

Hang in there, food prices are going up.