Friday, August 19, 2011

Tomatoes of the Week

It's nice to be out picking a good assortment of tomatoes finally.

As I picked in the heat today, which was even more pronounced as I worked in the hoop houses, I wondered. 

It has been wacky weather this year, which is actually more the norm than what the norm used to be.

Is it worth trying to grow decent field heirlooms anymore?  This year the wet spring, followed by a dry July , followed by a good slamming of rain, followed by more dry.  

Tasty fruit for sure.  But there is lots of cracking and splitting because of the extremes. Which of course in the scheme of things are nothing, compared to the extremes in other countries where people are just trying to survive.

But most people don't want the split and cracked fruit, and I'll sell them off at a cheaper price, makes sauces and salsas, and feed them to my family.

But as I debate this in my head, let me show you some of the bounty today. These are stellar tasting tomatoes. And yes, I have some new favourites!

Cherokee Green Pear-oh this is good!

T4-I'm afraid to sell it! No- it is supposed to be this way-waxy skin and super soft. 

Velve Striee-love this angora leaf tomato!

Thomspon's Classic Seedless Grape. The best.

I don't get the name. I really don't get the name...but great tomato

Scalloped andpretty- off to a restaurant.

In the pot-it's Rosalie's Early Orange. A definite new favourite.

Small yellow Fablonelstyni, and the gorgeous Gezhante  Buhrurkeel

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