Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's all Good

 Life tends to be pretty busy these days. 

Everyone you talk to tells you the same thing.

My friends are working overtime, checking their"devices" for the latest, running their kids here and there, and of course I'm getting ready for "Tomato Days".

We're tagging plants, filling orders and just trying to keep our heads above the water.

It's okay though. I have my little breaks for sanity and look to the really cool things in my life to keep me afloat.

How about this?

The Tomato Poem

Time to talk about tomatoes,
Not peas carrots or potatoes.
Red, pink, yellow or green.
Each tomato makes the scene.
Some tomatoes are so sweet,
Doesn't it make you want to eat?"

How much better does it get than that?  My Mollie is learning about poetry in school and can come up with a poem for every occasion.  That just makes me smile.  Inside too.

And then of course there are the puppies. Now it is three.We have our walk every morning before I start work.  People I don't know wave at me as they head down our road to go off to work for the day.  I must look quite the sight with my multi-lead leash and my three best buds in tow.  Wainfleet is a great place to live.  Everybody people other places do that too?

I love my dogs.  Love. Many times they are sanity. I've received criticisms about my two most recent additions, rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio. I guess American dogs aren't worth saving? One criticism was from a pet food store owner.  He doesn't get my business anymore.  Some things in life are really not other people's business to comment on. I've done what was right for me.

I've been lucky this spring to have been surrounded by great people. That brings me peace. In some ways, it worked out okay for me that the spring weather was poor...I've been unwell in an undiagnose-able sort of way. Lost a lot of weight and energy. My sisters, my friends and especially my Lisa have pulled me through it all.  Everyone needs a Lisa to help them out.

But you can't have mine.  She is a hard worker, has genuine enthusiasm and the best, sunniest outlook ever. Three years ago when Lisa first came to help me, she wasn't a gardener. That year her first veg garden went in, and it has expanded ever since. 

My sister Susanne too, and my friend Emily. I'd be up the creek without everyone coming to my rescue.

And Erin, tag writer extraordinaire.  Since when do people you don't know very well offer their time and effort so freely? I'm blown away by your desire to help me out.  You are the best.  I see friendship , beyond the tags, in our future.

Interesting things on the farm keep you afloat too.  A muskrat in the pond for example, and all I can catch in my live trap is racoons.

We're incubating duck eggs and when I candle the eggs I can see the little heads and bills.
Wow...just wow.

Pickle rules.
And there's a stray cat we've named Percy.  We're feeding him, and he's such a nice boy.  Could be a trip to the vet in the future and a new cat...making number six.  As long as Pickle can accept him.

Of course there are the people starting to trickle in to pick up plants before the craziness of Tomato Days.  A chicken farmer from Hagersville who loves his Red Belly tomato.  Irena and her Beaver Dam pepper (she's 94 and likes the heat!), Tina from Niagara Falls and her unbridled enthusiasm for heirloom tomatoes ...on and on it goes.

I'm so happy to see you all and NEVER say "sorry to bug you!" You sure aren't.
And I'm looking forward to seeing even more of you at "Tomato Days".

And if you want more time to talk, come on Sunday.  There are loads of tomatoes..I won't run out and the pace is a bit slower.

Saner.  One of those times to breathe in the good Wainfleet air and realize it is all so very good.



Buttons said...

Dear Tree and Twig I hope you are feeling better. I think sisters are the best, take advantage of them I know I do and they always return the favour.
About adopting American dogs "What is the matter with that guy?" jerk.A dog in need is a dog in need does not depend on nationality.
Please take care of yourself I think life is too short to work so hard. This is coming from me a farmer who never stops either even when the doctor say to. Cute cat.Hug. B

Linda said...

Thanks, Buttons...we should be neighbours. Could give each other a hand and a shoulder.

Iz said...

I loved this blog! All of them are great but this, well it was wonderful. I hope you are feeling better soon - and I can hardly wait to meet your "family" adn see you all again. It's been way too long!

Willow said...

love the pics of your pups + cat! They're lucky to be a part of your family, that's for sure. hope you're feeling better. re: weight loss--did your doctor consider testing you for celiac disease??

Linda said...

Thanks, Iz. Too long is right!

Willow, I've gone through some"unpleasant testing" as I am sure you have. A bit more of that to go and a repeat too(!) then on to the next. Yes, I wondered about celiac too. My doctor is really scattered, that is a part of the problem

Willow said...

I hope you have found out some answers. If you're thinking of finding another doctor, I have an excellent family dr. in St. Catharines and an excellent GI doc in Toronto I could recommend. My dad likes his GI doc in Hamilton as well (which is a little close to home.)

Linda said...

Thanks, Willow.Still waiting for tests-mid July. I did manage to get in with my daughter GI. So I feel fortunate...very.