Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanks for the mentions!

I'm glad people are talking about heirlooms, and flattered they are talking about me. Thanks, Jesse and Melanie and Mr True North BBQ!

In the case of the last article in the St Catharines Standard, the picture is what makes me so happy...(and of course what the wonderful Start me up Niagara is doing!) The tiller was my dad's pride and joy, and my sister had it for years after dad died. When my sister's family downsized, the tiller came to me, but I already had 4!  Enough for any woman, I guess.

So I'm happy it is being used and by such great people.

Check out these links! And thanks.  When I'm old(er) and gray(er), your words will keep me smiling.

Jessie and Melanies 1st visit-here

2nd visit here

I really enjoyed the tomato descriptions.  This is a guy who knows and appreciates great tomatoes! BBQ and tomatoes

St Catharines Standard   (note the tiller, note the tiller!!)

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Buttons said...

I have a big smile thinking about your Dad's tiller I know what that feels like. Congrats on the article. B