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TOMATO Days 2011, May 21-22, Updates

 For anybody and everybody who grows and gardens for a living in our neck of the woods, this is a busy time of year. When I call garden centres about their tomato orders, I can hear the rushed breathlessness in the voices. Getting ready...everybody is getting ready. Especially the customers who await the warm weather, the planting days, and just the plain excitement of another growing year.

It is hard to remember everything you have to do.  I write my aptly named "Totally Unrealistic Lists of Things to do Today" on pieces of paper, and then misplace the lists, finding them in with tomato orders, bills and recycling.

My husband says I should put this all on my computer,  but with my luck, I'd lose the computer.

But despite it all, it is with great delight and relief I am able to say that the tomatoes are finally all transplanted. It took 3 weeks of working 7 days each week to get them done, but yes they are happily nestled in their pots.
Should have been earlier, but it could just be that when you come to Tomato Days this year, you'll find even more selection.  In fact I know you will.

There are more tomatoes and more varieties of tomatoes, which I'm pleased about. But at my event, really, there never has been a risk of running out of tomatoes.  Some varieties do sell out, but I always tell people that if what you want is sold out, there are always lots of great substitutes to give a try.

And remember, they are all good!

This year you'll find there is just more of everything.  Last year I sold out of sweet peppers, cucumbers and ground cherries.  There are lots more this year.

There are fabulous hot peppers, including the scorcher Naga Jolokia. Huge selection of eggplants too.

There are melons, zucchinis, summer and winter squash, jelly melons, tomatillos, herbs (most notably basils, including the fabulous African Blue.)

I also have a big selection of brassicas...broccolis, cabbages, kales, cauliflowers, and my friend Tiffany's favourite ( grown just for her), brussels sprouts.

solanum atrourpureum

There are a few pretty cool ornamentals too, like the awesome "Five Minute Plant" (solanum atropurpureum).

And lots, lots more!

When you come, remember I am not a big fancy garden centre.  The plants are laid out in my driveway and categorized by colour and in alphabetical order.  I am working on a list to help folks understand what is what.

People helping are my family and friends and they are the absolute best!  They don't know tomatoes as well as maybe I do, but wow- will they ever try to help you find the treasure you want for your garden.

And this year I won't say I am your one stop shopping centre for everything...but you can pick up some very special baking from Cake and Loaf 
on Saturday, which is a great added treat. They are very special and supportive gals with incredible talent!

I will also have Steven Biggs and Donna Balzers' hot off the press "No Guff Gardening books for sale for $25.  And if you come Saturday, you will be able to meet Steve and perhaps get some practical down to earth gardening advice.

And this year, there are deals!  For each 10 tomato plants purchased, get one free (my selection). 

The sale runs from 8 am-4 pm both Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine.
My municipal address has changed for 2011, but I haven't moved!  The new address is 74038 Reg Rd #45, Wellandport, On.

If you get lost, check in with Sabir at the Esso Station in town, he knows how to find me. Also check out the excitement at the Wellandport Community Centre on Saturday - there is a community garage sale.

Saturday is always the busiest day of my event. You can park at the church across the road that day, if you wish. I have people who can help carry plants out to vehicles. If at all possible, bring flats and boxes to carry out your plants.  I have some, but will run out.

If you want to come and have more time to chat, Sunday is the best day. It is a much slower paced day. There are still tons of tomatoes, but more time to contemplate choices.

And once your plants are safely planted in that gorgeous warm and fertile soil, remember... I am very happy to accept pots and flats back so I can reuse them. 

Welcome one and all.  So looking forward to seeing everyone.

And watch for me...I'm the one with the "I "heart" Tomatoes t-shirt!

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