Sunday, July 31, 2011

Heirloom Tomato Bash 2011-Sun,September 4

2010 heirloom tasting table.  ( Picture,T Mayer)
The date is finally set!

When I initially set the date for my " Heirloom Tomato Bash" this year, I had chosen August 21.  If you have one of my calendars, you can now just go ahead and scratch that date.  Put a big  "X" right through it.

The season messed me up a little bit, the spring being wet, and my clay being, well...clay. So the tomatoes went in a bit later.

 And other commitments have come into play.  I'm excited to be doing an event at THE GOOD EARTH on August 28th, and details about this major cool event will follow soon.

So..the date is a little bit later than I originally planned.

I sure hope people can make it. My celebration of heirloom tomatoes, and all things heirloom, will be Sunday September 4, from 1-4 pm in the afternoon. 

By then I am hoping to have the garden weeded, and know for sure there will be lots of great tomatoes to try.  Lots.

We'll have a garden tour, with the necessary sampling along the way, a tasting table set up so people can get a sense of the some of the incredible heirloom tomatoes available (tip of the iceberg, my friends) and some fabulous tomato treats to sample. Last year we had "tomato shooters", created by the incomparable Chef Mark Picone, tomato ice cream, tomato cake, tomato muffins and salsa of course. And perfectly paired wine.

This year I am delighted that Mark will join us again, and I have a few other special guests lined up, as well as a few select vendors.  My tomatoes and other produce will be available for purchase, as well as my remaining 2010 seed stock (cheap!), "No Guff Gardening" books and more.  All will be announced soon.

Cost is a minimum $10.00 donation to help me cover my costs. This  includes food, wine, fun, music and new tomato friends.   Any money that is raised in excess will be donated to Seed Savers Exchange, as it was last year.

You again will need to let me know if you plan on attending, and I can only accommodate a smaller crowd.
Please phone, (905)-386-7388, or email to let me know you intentions. 

I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing people come out. As last year...we go rain or shine!

2010-yes, it rained!


Iz said...

Wish I could be there then - but save me a tomato or two!

Kris Mo said...

Can't wait!

karyn said...

Honoured to be invited. Sad to decline.
It's the day of my nephew's 1st Birthday Party.
I hope the season is FRUITFUL!!!
Would love to see you soon!

inhabiting_trees said...

woo woo! *does an excited dance*

Denise Blaney said...

I met you at Beamsville's Pamperfest today. Last summer we were so busy with our garden that we didn't make it to the computer to read about your tomato bash, but we did have our own bash.

I have some photos posted on my blog that you can see. We narrowed our favourite list to a top 10 tomatoes. I think most of the tomatoes came from you either this year or the year before.

The photos are posted on my blog at