Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seed viability and....All seeds on sale!

The new seed collecting year has begun.

Well it actually began several months back when I replanted winter stored carrots, cabbages, turnips , beets, mangels, kales....well you get the idea.

There remains however, lots of wonderful seed from this year, and it's all on sale now.
If you are thinking about fall crops, think carrots, beets, lettuces, brassicas, chards, radishes and more.

Too late?  Not a chance.

And this seed, if stored properly is perfect for next years crops.  Or subsequent years.
Everyone seems to have a different opinion on HOW long exactly seed does last.

Here are a few opinions in this handy dandy chart.

The Fedco numbers are more fitting with my experience, but I have had luck with both older onion and parsnip seed.

All my seed is now half price-$1.75 a pack.  If you're interested check my seed listing here

Email or phone before you order as some is SOLD OUT!  But there's lots of great seed left.

And as for me, today I seed fall broccoli, collards, kohlrabi and carrots.  The growing season continues!

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