Thursday, July 28, 2011

We'll miss you, Mama

Mama Duck
This week has had it's share of ups and downs and major life changes.

In amongst it all is the loss of a special old duck, our Mama.

Mama will be missed terribly.  She was special friend and companion to our Joey the pig for his entire life, and it is clear he is feeling her loss.

Mama died of old age, I imagine.

She was old.  Likely about 10 years, which I imagine must be a reasonably good age to be when you are a duck.

Going home to Joey
She was a muscovy.   A terrific mom to many little ducklings along the way, bug catcher extraordinaire, and was blessed with a great personality.

Hard to think she won't be out by the front door waiting for me in the mornings.  Looking up at me with those pale blue eyes and telling me her tales from the night.  Or pecking at my rubber boots in an effort to speed me along so she could get her morning meal underway.

The Indian Runners

She had no patience for the Indian Runners.  I'm sure she just considered them silly, with their comings and goings.
The cats and dogs knew she was the boss, and would give her wide berth.  Very wise, actually. In her later years she would peck at you as soon as look at you.


But never with Joey.  Those two were joined at the hip as only a pig and his duck can be.

Bye, Mama.  Rest in peace.


Tiffany Mayer said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about Mama. How sad. She looked so happy the last time I saw her bathing in the baby duck pool. That is how I'll remember her. Hugs to you and Joey.

pharmacy said...
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