Sunday, July 31, 2011

Late beet planting challenge-two weeks in!

So. How do your beets grow?

If you haven't read about what we're doing read HERE

Interesting things are happening with the beets at Tree and Twig.

 Seed was not pre-soaked

Pre-soaked seed
Compare these beets!

The germination on the seeds I did not soak overnight was spotty. I think this is the case because we were in the middle of a dry spell and heat wave.  I planted them in a light soil, and...had problems with germination.  I'm not terribly surprised.

However, the beet seeds that I soaked overnight were up in THREE days, and well represented....there were lots up!

Look at the difference in size now. 

And now, my friends I am a soaker of beet seeds. 

There are about 20 folks out there who requested the Detroit Dark Red beet seed.  I'd love to hear from you and learn how your beets are growing.

And please send pictures if you have them!

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Cathy V said...

I didn't soak my seeds and about 2/3 sprouted. The tallest seedling is now about 3-4" tall. All are planted in clay pots with a new bag of potting mix and a little triple mix on the top. In west facing sun, watered daily.