Friday, July 8, 2011

A Few Pictures, a Few Words and Good Night

After attending a somber event this evening, I found myself back in the garden.

Somehow I always end up there on Friday nights, and it is a place I like to be.

I love to water at night, facing the west as the sun sets for the night.  Does that sound silly?

I love the glistening of the water drops in the fading sun, the way the shadows fall and the total peace and silence.

I water and think. 

I notice a bird had made a direct hit (read- poop) on a rather large,still green tomato.

It makes me think about something I read years back now in my Garden Organic members quarterly, "If Pesticides Were Purple."

Some people might get a lot bothered thinking that a bird pooped on a tomato they were going to eat.  But that's reality.  Food grows outside, birds happens.

What if pesticides were purple?  What if it showed up on the food you ate?  Your tomatoes, carrots, chard and kale? God love us, your apples? Would you still want to eat it?  Would you still think you were doing the best thing?

Maybe the things we don't see are more of an issue than the things we do. Maybe the holey veggies in your garden are the best ones..someone is already eating them and registering their approval!

I keep watering. Yes, even a few tomatoes. Well, quite a few.

Lots of plants went in late, and need a bit more water to get established.

Today I picked more than the odd Stupice. Enough to sell to the wonderful Mark Picone for a weekend full of events. Some beautiful lettuces to Inn on the Twenty and Chef Kevin Maniaci, a truly valued year round customer of mine.

The garden is coming.  People are shocked when I say I am still planting.  There is lots of time, I always reply.  Lots to plant and lots of time. Big plantings of carrots and beets, winter radishes and the odd turnip or two.

And lots of Friday evenings to water in the seeds that will grow to be the fall

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