Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday morning garden stroll

I am really tired.
I am taking the day off today.
I harvested more than 100lbs of heirloom tomatoes this week, which is fantastic for this early in the season. I harvested lots of other wonderful veggies and fruits too.
I weeded. I seeded. And did all the other things I do.
Yup, I'm tired.
But I still love to look at the garden, even if I'm not working in it.
So coffee in hand, I strolled.
Cool things to see everyday.
The huckleberries are ripening and loaded.

The hottest pepper in the world (they say), is present and accounted for.
Meet Naga Jolokia.
I bet Adam from peapod cuisine is willing to try it!

Beautiful eggplants are showing.
This is Thai White Ribbed.

This one I call Salinas Valley Market, which is where I bought the parent fruit. This was several years ago when went to California to Check out Tomatofest in Carmel. Huge fruit!

And this guy.
He kept flying off then landing back in the same place.
Over and over.
The glistening gold sparkles on his wings aren't done justice by this picture.

It is great to take a day off and look. I know there is work to do, but I'm not seeing it today.
I like what I'm seeing. Tomorrow I'll see the weeds!


Erin Wilson said...

Everything looks so lovely!
Hope you were able to get some well-deserved rest.

Linda said...

Hi Erin- it is a good year in the garden,nice when you work hard and it pays off.But I'll be okay too with the cooler weather.
Hope we'll see you soon.