Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest Blog Post by Mollie.....Life at Tree and Twig

Life at Tree & Twig
This is what life is like at Tree & Twig - at my point of view!
When I wake up we have to walk the dogs. It take about an hour or two. Sometimes the walk is the highlight of my day! By the time I wake up the chores are usually done. We have to look after Joey ,our pigs ,
food! Then the chicken's and duck's food and water! We go over to the field and pick tomatoes some days! Others we stay and pick in our garden! My garden has just been weeded it was a big job! Now I'm finally producing tomatoes, yay!! That's life at Tree & twig!!!

By Mollie.


Erin Wilson said...

Woooh! Looking snazzy over here!

Love Mollie's guest post! Hope we'll hear more from her sometime :)

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