Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top 10 ways I am different from you because I grow food for a living.

1) The weather really can make or break my day....or season.

2) I have a whole chest freezer devoted to wonderful vegetable seed storage. No food. Yet.

3) I work outside all day, pretty much everyday. I really love it.

4) The smaller an item, the more it seems I can sell it for. The bigger things...not so much.

5) I talk to really cool chefs every week. One of the perks of the job. Some are cute.

6) I eat my work. So does my family. This is the best part of the job.

7) I don't make minimum wage. But if I hire someone, they do.

8) I have a tractor. I know how to use it.

9) I don't dress up for work. My clothes are well used.

10) When I shower I am really dirty.


Erin Wilson said...

All worth it for the cute chefs ;)

Loved reading this, Linda. Everything about food looks different if we can know and understand farmers even a little bit better.

ps. if you haven't been thanked today... thank you :)

Linda said...

Thanks for reading Erin. Ahh-yes, the cute chefs!

Kris Mo said...

Great post! Inspirational, Linda - I hope I can find this kind of life for myself someday soon, too. You're an everyday hero! Cheers!

Linda said...

Thanks Kris, you are too kind. Hope your garden is growing well !