Monday, July 26, 2010

Tree and Twig Tomato Time and Tour-August 22!!

Okay, I am not going to admit I know how this is going to look.
I have set this date aside for a good 6 months, but now-eek-3 weeks to go!
My plan at this time is to keep it simple.
And so good people, if you are interested in trying some VERY good and different tomatoes, lots and lots of varieties, come visit me at Tree and Twig on August 22, 1pm-4pm.
I will have a great selection of tomatoes to taste, there will be a bit of food to snack on, and a little wine to drink. There may be music!
There will be other things to try too. Szechuan buttons maybe, hot peppers, mouse melons and more.
Veggies to buy, particularly tomatoes. Preserves. Some seed. I'm thinking baking too (tomato pies and cakes?) Some super special guests to discuss tomatoes and food with. You can bring your children, please watch them closely around my pond, gardens and sometimes ornery pig.
Perhaps a cooking demonstration!
A garden full of cool things to tour and taste. Comments on weeds are NOT allowed!
There will be a small charge to help me pay for things I must purchase-under $20 per adult, children free. Could be substantially under $20, but I'll go with the worst case scenario.
If folks are interested in coming please email me at Or call 905-386-7388.
If you just show up I won't turn you away, but an idea of numbers is good in terms of helping me with my (last minute-down to the wire) planning. I think 50 folks is my limit,so let me know at your earliest convenience!
Great way to decide what to plant next year and to meet fellow tomato lovers.
Hope to see you here!

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