Monday, July 19, 2010

Mollie makes pickles

My 9 year old daughter Mollie is pickle crazy.
As we drove through Dunnville today her little nose was sniffing the dill emanating from the Bicks plant. Yes, cucumber season is here!
So when we got home we picked a few "picklers" from the garden and Mollie began slicing them to make our own simple pickles.
This recipe was in The Mother Earth News this month. Can't wait to eat 'em.

Non-stop pickles

Slice thin rounds of cucumbers into a dish. Pour rice vinegar, rice wine vinegar or white wine vinegar over the slices until just submerged. Cover and refrigerate and begin eating the next day. Your pickles will increase in tanginess each day.
Add fresh cucumber slices as cucumbers become available, adding enough vinegar to cover each time.
You can also add your favourite seasonings- dill , garlic or hot peppers.
(we added dill and loads of garlic to ours)

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