Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cool things in the garden

Well, it looks like a good year in the garden and I am happy. My husband says I never am happy with the garden . It is either too hot, to cold, too wet or too dry. There are too many bugs, weeds or mystery deaths. But this could be the year.
When the family deserted me today for their regular dose of retail therapy (not my cup of tea), I took a little stroll and yanked a few weeds.
The saltwort, pictured above is coming nicely. In another few weeks it will be the size of a little bush. It is the only veg I know that has a salty taste - goes well with fish and lemon my fish eating friends tell me. I like it in salad. it is a succulent so it adds a nice textural change.
Ahh, the "Filus Blue" pepper. So pretty and only mildly hot. I purchased seed for this because I thought it would be a nice ornamental and it sure is. But the colour lends itself very well to jazzing up certain dishes. I'm going to dig this up in the fall and bring it inside in a pot. I really like it
On to the Huckleberries. It won't be long now. It does look like a good crop coming along. This annual fruit is one my mom grew for as long as I can remember. I never liked it. But I do now!
It does make a nice pie and tart, also a pleasant fruit sauce. Mom knew best. Wow, I am so much like my mom now. That is a good thing.
Mouse melons are just such a funny little fruit. These tiny vines are climbing up a small trellis and have tiny little flowers right now. What those little flowers turn into is small 1" long fruit that look like tiny watermelons, and have a sourish, already pickled taste. Major cool.

This is the first day I realized I had melons developing already. This one is my favourite-Minnesota Midget. It is about 3-4 " in diameter, and really just perfect for a single serving. It has a sweet and yummy orange flesh and produces very well. There should be lots. I just love melons fresh from the garden. Imported melons should be outlawed.
And finally, to the Cape Gooseberries. These babies are native to Peru and do need a long growing season. Hey- Wellandport must be Canada's Peru, cause they seem to do well here. I start my seed indoors in March and in September the harvest is on.
I LOVE this fruit and when I pick them, I eat as many as drop into the basket. They are a larger, bright orange husk fruit, with a tangy tropical taste. I like ground cherries, well, just okay. These, in my mind are better.
Now to ripen all these wonderful fruits and veggies. Good eating is ahead!


ali said...

Your garden is amazing, and I can't believe you are growing melon.

Linda said...

Thanks, Ali. But I saw your blog pictures of your garden and I think that is pretty amazing...