Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update-Tree and Twig Tomato Time and Tour-August 22

I received an email today from a fellow who believed I was charging admission to the farm so folks could buy my tomatoes!

Not really my style.

It is all starting to take shape a bit more clearly now, so here is what we are looking at.

The event will begin here at the farm at 1 pm. When folks have gathered we will do a bit of a walking tour of the gardens, stopping to chat and taste some interesting things along the way.

This will likely take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Once back in civilization everyone can sample all the tomato varieties that will be prepared for tasting, and I am most certainly going to ask people to jot down the names of the tomatoes that they liked the best. There will be hot peppers too for any brave souls that are interested.

You may have to sign a waiver first.

We will then be treated to a cooking demo by Mark Picone as he creates one or more tomato dishes for us, and an additional cooking demo will follow, chef tba.

There will be lots of foods to sample, and your admission price also includes 2 glasses of wine to compliment the tomato dishes.

I will have kid friendly drinks and snacks too.
Children are welcome, but please watch them carefully.

The cost will be no more than $20. This simply helps me cover my costs. Kids are free.

Please notify me by email or phone of your intention to attend. or 905-386-7388.
Let's enjoy the harvest!

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