Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, that was fun!

And it was!

I realize clomping around someone's farm on a rainy day might not be everyone's idea of fun.

In fact if it wasn't for all the great people that came out here on Sunday for my Tomato Time and Tour, I might not have enjoyed clomping around here in the rain.

So thanks all for making it fun!

After the tour of the garden, my boots heavy with wet clay, we enjoyed tomato treats, courtesy of some very clever people. First and foremost, my sister, who has worked so hard with me here this summer making the flower beds in front so pretty. AND she bakes! Thanks, Susanne. For everything.

She made the cute little tomato muffins that people were happily popping in their mouths. And my friend Tiffany made a most delish tomato cake, Joel and Jen Labute a very cool and tasty tomato caramel ice cream, and Mark Picone a neat and refreshing tomato shooter.

I have had requests for these recipes, and I'll get them up on my blog as soon as I get all the recipes together.

Thanks to my buddies Emily, Helen and Lisa for all your help.

We suspect there were 50 or so people here, which is pretty great considering the rain. Old and young it was a delight to have you all here. Tomatoes, I guess, bring out the best in people!

People enjoyed trying the different tomatoes, and it seems to me that Candy Stripe was one of the favourites. People also commented on the lovely sweet flavour of Elfin, which I like a lot this year too.

I'm so grateful it has been a good year in the garden. It is really satisfying to work hard and see it pay off. It doesn't always go that way. Last year, alas, with the dreadful weather , there was no garden tour.

So thanks, everyone for coming out. We'll pray for good weather next year and do it again!

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