Friday, August 13, 2010

It's August-it's harvest!

This is August done right.
Last year, August saw farmers scowling and wondering why they worked so hard, only to have the weather mess it up. Again.
I'm grateful this year to see my farm producing oodles.
But also REALLY glad for the farmers whose corn is way over everybody's head, whose peaches are the best ever and whose vineyards hold huge potential for a fabulous vino.
Is it true that if you believe hard enough and keep repeating it over and over, it will come true?
I kept telling folks this was going to be the best year ever. Yeah-wish I had that kind of influence over things.
Regardless,there is so much going on in the garden right now.
I am lovin' my clay because we're starting to get pretty dry now. I had the sprinklers going today for the first time. But I know that water will be in the soil for a while doing good things.
The power of clay to hold onto moisture. Although it is well accepted that is not always a good thing.
Right now the challenge is keeping up with the harvesting. Some of the weeds are making a reappearance, but now it is harvest.
There are tons-literally- of heirloom tomatoes to pick. The peppers are starting to turn colour, the eggplants are pumping out slim purple, greens and white, round, rippled and striped.
Ground cherries, tomatillos, huckleberries, unheard of berries,chards, New Zealand Spinach and agretti.
Beans. Oh my. Just starting to come on strong. Yellow, purple, red and green. Green with purple stripes. Yellow with purple stripe, curled. There are LOTS of beans, many of which I really need to focus saving seeds from.
Melons, mouse melons, watermelons. Winter radishes. SO many beets, (I love beets). Funky heirloom carrots.
Lots of physalis types- a great family to check out. Potatoes. Many different kales, broccolis, and collards. And lots more too.
I have been happy to have some new regular veg basket purchasers this year. I love the enthusiasm. And glad to have my regulars coming out to my market here on Saturday mornings.
And the restaurants I deal with are having a busy season....lots of weddings and tourists and that works for me too. Keep getting married people- help a farmer!
It is great to be involved in some neat events too. Last night I attended the "Outstanding in the Field" dinner at Whitty Farms as one of the producing farmers and had a chance to talk to people about my farm and my veggies. What a terrific event and a fantastic meal by Stephen Treadwell. There was so much support there for
Next is my little event here-my Tomato tasting and farm tour, August 22, then August 29th a Tomato inspired event at Treadwell farm to table.
September 11, I am at Hillebrand hosting a farm to table dinner with Frank Dodd.
It is time to consider doing a bit more planting- my cover crops need to go in the empty spaces, and I need to plan winter crops for the hoophouses. They'll be going in in September.
It is a busy time now-but it is a good time. I'll rest up in the cold season.
Enjoy your gardens and harvests!

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inhabiting_trees said...

What an astoundingly colourful harvest! And isn't it a heartwarming year to be a farmer (or gardener in my case, and friends with farmers) its one of those years that all the work pays off in a tantalizingly touchable way! Also glad to see someone appreciating the properties of clay - I know its hard to work with but its a nutrient magnet as well as retaining water :)