Friday, August 20, 2010

Tree and twig Tomato Time and Tour-August 22!!

We're on for Sunday!
I'm sorry to say it is supposed to rain.
No, make that storm.
But we are still on.
If you plan on coming bring your umbrella and rain coat because you will get wet.
I will have tomatoes set up for tasting under shelters, my guest chefs will serve under shelters, and there will be wine under shelters. But if everyone comes, there isn't enough room under the shelters! We'll all be wet.
But on the bright side, the garden sure does need the rain and the tomatoes are outstanding and plentiful. There will be lots of tomatoes to sample and purchase. Good things to eat and drink.
We'll go ahead with the garden tour, unless of course lightening is in the vicinity.
I think it will be fun....and as usual, I look forward to talking tomatoes. (Let me say in advance I'm lovin' the green tomatoes this year.)
Cost is $10 or donation, and all proceeds in excess of my costs will be donated to Seed Savers Exchange.
See you Sunday!


sherilaugh said...

I've been picking those beautiful tomatoes from my garden this year... Such a conflict in my head.... To eat them.. or take pictures of them.... Must Stare Longer....

Linda said...

That's how I feel too...I keep going back to look at the pictures I've taken. Such pretty colours and shapes...but-wow, they taste so good!