Monday, May 1, 2017

Black, Brown and Blue Tomatoes for 2017

There are some pretty interesting tomatoes in this category. Blues are newcomers to the tomato scene and breeders have been busy adding blues to whites, as well as yellow, green and red tomatoes. Oh and more. It will be interesting to see what comes next. Black and brown have always been staple tomatoes known for their rich smoky flavour. Here is what I am growing this year, with additional ones found on my preorder list on my website.

Indigo Apple
Amazon Chocolate
African Brown
Amethyst Jewel

Bosque Bumblebee
Black Ethiopian
Black Cherry
Black Krim
Black Prince
Blue Beauty
Black Seaman
Black Plum
Brazilian Beauty
Black Brown Boar
Brown Flesh
Black Pear
Black Truffle
Brown Berry
Black Icicle
Brad's Black Heart
Blue Green Zebra

Black Moor
Black Apple
Black from Tula
Cascade Lava
Cinnamon Pear
Chocolate Cherry
Cuban Black
Cherry Brownies
Clackamas Blueberry
Cafe Bule
Dark Galaxy
Dark Italian
Fahrenheit Blues
Indigo Rose
Great White Blues
Japanese Black Trifle
Mr Brown
Ozark Sunset
Osu Blue
Primary Colors
Plum Black
Paul Robeson
Sara Black
Tendence Bleu
Sandy's Chocolate Cherry

"Not a tomato" Ruby

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