Monday, May 1, 2017

Green and White Tomatoes for 2017

A super huge Uluru Ochre

These two colours of tomatoes scare people. My standard line to the most commonly asked question about green tomatoes is "soft to the touch".  Green tomatoes are indeed ripe when soft to the touch, as are all tomatoes. Once you get over the surprise of understanding that some tomatoes are actually ripe when green and you taste them...well you might just be surprised how good they are.
When I was reviewing my preorders this year, I noticed that yes indeed, more people are ordering greens, with Aunt Ruby in the lead. That is a very good tomato.
White tomatoes are mild and sweet, really quite delicious. Just think of the possibilities.Perhaps  a white spaghetti sauce? The year we made a white salsa with beautifully coloured peppers was wonderful. I think it is time to do that again.

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Aunt Ruby's German Green Cherry
Emerald Apple
Green Envy
Gruene Helarios
Green Ghost
Green Doctors
Green Doctors Frosted
Green Giant
Golden Green
Green Grape
Green Belle
Green Bell Pepper

Lime Green Salad
Moldovan Green
Thompson Classic Seedless
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
Uluru Ochre
Verde Rallado
Bianca Cherry
Blonde Boar
Cream Sausage
Don's White
Douce de Picardie
Great White
Ivory Pear
Old Ivory Egg
Ivory Egg
Mikado Blanc
Snow White
Super Snow White
Tomesol White
White Wonder
White Currant
White Beauty
White Cherry
White Oxheart
White Brandywine


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