Thursday, May 4, 2017

Orange and Yellow Tomatoes 2017

Busy days are these. The transplanting is done, but the labels still need to be finished up and the preorders picked. We've gone through 10,000 labels now and working on more. It's a lot of plants.
Each label is handwritten, so when I am done in the greenhouse for the day, I clean up, eat supper and sit down to write out the labels. When you have so many varieties there just is no easy way. A glass of wine by my side can help though.
There are some outstanding varieties to look for that are yellow and orange. I am surprised when I fill the preorders that more people have not chosen "Florentine Beauty". Maybe I didn't talk it up enough when I described it, but it is wonderful. Beautifully ribbed, lemon yellow and wonderful sweet mild flavour. It produces so well and was one of my favourites last year. Watch for it at "Tomato Days", it is superb.
I do have the two hybrid cherries "Sungold" and "Sun Sugar", which could be known as "super sweet" and "super sweeter". What great tomatoes. You simply can't not eat them when you are fussing around in the garden. Other favourites of mine include Aladdin's Lamp, and some of the big oranges like KBX, Mahler Roth's Orange Brandywine and Myona. You just can't beat the flavour of a big orange tomato.
Here is what to expect...
Aladdin's Lamp,
Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry
Amish Yellow Giant
Big Sungold
Beam's Yellow Pear
Banana Legs
Banana Cream
Barnes Mountain Orange
Cuban Yellow Grape
Chuck's Yellow
Chef's Orange Hyb
Dawson Russian Oxheart
Dr Wyche's Yellow
Dr Carolyn's
Des Andes Orange
David Davidson's
Egg Yolk Cherry
Earl Of Edgecomb
Florentine Beauty
Fruity Yellow
Floragold Basket
Gold Rush Currant
Golden Cherokee
Garden Peach
Golden Gates
Golden Egg
Aladdin's Lamp

German Orange Strawberry
Golden Grape
Gourmet Yellow Stuffer
Golden Queen
Stokes Golden Queen
Golden Konigin
Gold Roma
Huge Lemon Oxheart
Indian Moon
Ida Gold
Jaune Flamme
Jaune Negib
Jaune Coeur de Pigeon
Kellogg's Breakfast
Mahler Roth's Orange Brandywine
Mountain Gold
Mollie's Awesome YP

Nebraska Wedding
Nicholayev Cherry
Orange Polonaise
Orange Santa
Orange Banana
Orange Strawberry
Orlov Yellow
Olga Yellow Round Chicken
Orange Icicle
Yellow Centiflor
Plum Lemon
Pilser Vesey
Pike County Orange
Peg's Round Orange
Regina's Yellow
Sungold Select II
Schellenberg's Favourite
Tess' Land Race Currant
Verna Orange
Yellow Bell
Wapsipinicon Peach
Tom's Yellow Wonder
Yellow Gooseberry
Yellow Reisentraube
Yellow Mortgage Lifter
Yellow Ping Pong
Yellow Currant
Yellow Brandywine
Yellow Furry Hog
Yellow Ruffled


Mommy Happy Camper said...

Hi Linda, is it necessary to pre-order or will ALL your varieties be available for cash & carry on tomato days? That's a lot of tomatoes!!

Linda said...

No-not necessary to preorder at all, the deadline has passed anyways. I have tons of plants and it is first come first served from here on in. I am sure we can help you find something you will really love.

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