Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pink and Purple Tomatoes for 2017


Years ago when I first started selling heirloom tomatoes seedlings at the Fonthill Market people  were a bit unsure what they were. Another organic grower bought a few plants from me and I described to her exactly what fruit she would end up with. Of course people were still hung up on round and red fruit at the time, and I was selling a bit of that, but a lot that wasn't that. She bought a Purple Calabash from me, planted it and 3 or so months later came back to tell me she ripped the plant out because the fruit was horrible looking.
Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My perspective on this fruit is that it is stunning. It is a deep purple black, flattened and highly ribbed tomato. And it tastes like no other. I would know the taste of a Purple Calabash with my eyes closed. It is strong flavoured and distinctive. And oh so good.
It is one of my favourites from the following list, but as I tell everyone when they ask what is good, they all are.

Amerikansky Sladky
Anna Russian,
Brandyboy Hybrid
Bread and Salt
Big Purple Brandywine
Brandysweet Plum
Burgundy Traveller
Brandywine Suddth
Brandywine OTV
Pink Brandywine
Cherokee Purple
Canary Rose
Chinese Purple
Dark Rose
Dingo Eye
Dolores' Romanian
Dr Carolyn's Pink
Evans Purple Pear
Earl's Faux
Eva Purple Ball
Eagles Beak
Ella's Pink Plum
Enormous Plum
Ferris Wheel
Gezhante Buhrurkeel

Gezhante Buhrurkeel
German Johnson,
German Pink
Hungarian Heart
Japanese Oxheart
Jeff Davis
Kalman's Hungarian Pink
Kentucky Plate
Lithuanian Crested Pink
Lincoln Adams
Maglia Rose
Marg's Polish
Marianna's Peace
Ozark Pink
Oaxacan Pink
Oxheart Pink
Purple Calabash
Peach Blow Sutton
Purple Pear
Pink Ruffled
Purple Dog Creek
Purple Smudge Orange Flesh
Rosella purple Dwarf
Rose de Berne
Snogs Pride
Trucker's Favorite
Turks Muts
Tiacolula Pink
Todd's County Amish
Una Hartsock
Ukranian Purple
Ukranian Pear
Wheatley Frost Resistant

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