Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bicolour Tomatoes 2017

Again this year it is tomato varieties galore. While there still are lots of people that request a good red tomato, lots more people are venturing into some of the more interesting and colourful varieties.

With all the new breeding work being done with open pollinated varieties, there are some pretty incredible looking and tasting ones out there and they fall under my category "Bicolour".
The Bumblebee line, the Tigers and the Darby's include some very special ones indeed. These are the ones that you will find at my farm on "Tomato Days", being on May 20 at 8 am. Please note I have tried to plant loads of the ones that are the most popular, like Pineapple. I have tons. Figuratively. I hope it is enough. Some other varieties are more limited, but there are so many to choose from and you are going to get a great tomato. Additionally, there are some great bicolours on my preorder list on my website.

Here we go!

AAA Sweet Solano
Arkansas Marvel
Ananas Noire
Black and Brown Boar
Bicolor Cherry

Black Zebra
Big Orange Stripe
Big Rainbow
Beauty King
Beauty Queen
Blonde Boar
Black Vernissage
Big Zebra
Cassidy's Folly
Captain Lucky
Chocolate Stripes
Darby Pink Yellow Stripe
Darby Red Green Stripe
Darby Yellow Green Stripe

Dino Eggs Green
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Gold Medal
Green Sausage
Green Tiger
Green Zebra
Isis Candy Cherry
Little Lucky
Mammoth German Gold
Mary Robinson
Mr Stripey
Marvel Striped
Marz Yellow Red Stripe
Old German
Northern Lights
Oaxacan Jewel
Orange Russian 117
Plum Tigress
Polish Pastel
Pink Bumblebee
Purple Bumblebee
Pink Fuzzy Boar
Pink Tiger
Berkeley Tie Dye Pink
Pippy's Piedmont Pear Plus
Pixie Striped
Pastel Sleeve
RoughwoodGolden Tiger
Red Zebra
Red Belly
Ruby Gold
Red Furry Hog
Striped Black Cherry
Sweet Carneros Pink
Speckled Roman
Sunrise Bumblebee
Striped Roman Yellow
Striped Red Furry Hog
Striped Cavern

Turkish Monastery
Tiger Paw
Virginia Sweets
Violet Jasper
Velue Striee
Yellow Tiger Stripe
Williams Striped


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