Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 Sweet/ Hot Peppers and Eggplants

May is just around the corner and of course that means my annual "Tomato Days" sale is as well.
This year the long weekend begins on May20th, and that is when I begin selling my reasonably large assortment of plants. And yes, I have been busy. There are thousands of plants.
I began in February seeding the peppers and eggplants, following up with weeks of seeding tomatoes and an assortment of other enticing items. I continue to seed and transplant, water and protect the seedlings from extremes of weather, both heat and cold. This time of year is generally a bit of both and the fluctuations can be drastic.

But the plants are looking good. So let me begin by outlining some of what you may find here when you come out to my small farm May 20th and on. Remember there are some things I have lots of, like my best selling varieties, others it may be far fewer plants of that type. And some things sell fast.

There will be lots available that I do not list on my blog. Oh yes, but here I go. Ground cherries, Cape Gooseberries, sweet potatoes, basils, parsley, kales, lettuces, chards, zucchini, squash, melons....lots more too!

Sweet Pepper Varieties

California Wonder
King of the North
Kari Baby Cheese
Purple Beauty
Jimmy Nardello
Sweet Chocolate
Feher Ozon Paprika
White Bell
Orange Bell
Garden Sunshine
Thompsons Squash pepper
Sweet Pimento
Mini Chocolate Bell
Mini Yellow Bell
Mini red Bell
Marconi Red
Hot Pepper Varieties
Filus Blue
Tricolor Variegated
Aji Limo
Biquinho Red
Carolina Reaper
Brown Bhut Jolokia
Chocolate Naga Brain
Chinese 5 Color
Bulgarian Carrot
Black Scorpion Tongue
White Ghost
Bhut Jolokia
Mustard Habanero
Maul's Red Hot
Red Habanero
7 Pod Brain Strain
Royal Black
Rooster Spur
Bellingrath Gardens
Biquinho Yello
Joe's Round
Hot Cherry
White Bullet Habanero
Peach Habanero
New Mex 6


Rosa Bianca
Thai Lavender Frog Egg
Shooting Star
Black Beauty
Ping Tung Long
Slim Jim
Finger Fruit White
Green Beauty Long

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