Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mollies guest post- growing up on the farm!- Day 8

Hey, it's Mollie! 
First of all, I love growing up here! Just being able to go outside, into the fresh air, and picking a fresh tomato and just popping it into my mouth. I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I still am exploring all the property! Every time I go outside, there is something new growing or something new to find.  But, its still fun to go outside and just sit there and relax......
One of my favourite places to go here is the frog pond at the back of the house. Now you can actually go there because the weeds are finally gone! 

And then theres the dogs! What would I do without them?
I love all of our guys! Dogs, cats, piggy , bunny, chickens. I can't imagine life without them!!

Pedro! The little guy!
Well, I guess that concludes the blog post! Have a great night everybody! 


Jo said...

Popping a tomato in your mouth??? How about throwing it high in the air and running towards it to catch it in your mouth?? LOL

Iz said...

I think that's a life I would like too!