Monday, October 1, 2012

30 Days On My Small Farm-Day 5

My summer CSA ends tomorrow.
In the absence of my farm intern, the amazing Maris, the last several weeks have been very busy as I work alone. Harvest days are especially busy.
Today was harvesting for CSA baskets, restaurant orders and a store order.
Tomorrow will be too.

There's still summer food, but the tomatoes are just not as nice with the cooler nights.
No complaints though. I'm happy to have them.
These are some of the veggies harvested today...

Both hoophouses, newly planted for the winter season needed three waterings to keep the soil moist.
Quite a few things that I planted last Friday are up as of today. It never ceases to be exciting to me.
And the fall/winter CSA starts next week. I'm thinking there will still be tomatoes. I'm knowing there will still be peppers!

And then there will be preserves. Lovely preserves.


Jo said...

I just sliced up a few of the tomatoes and put them on a store bought frozen cheese pizza! LOL They were DELIGHTFUL.

Catharine Ozols said...

The amazing Maris is missing you, too.

Catharine Ozols said...

The amazing Maris is missing the farm.