Thursday, October 11, 2012

30 Days On My Small Farm - Day 14 (Dig that chicory and plant the garlic)

You never know in the business I'm in what is going to come your way in any particular season.

Point in case. Today I was digging the chicory with Diana from Balzacs Coffee Roasters .
Diana called me sometime last winter asking about root chicory. Did I know where to get the seed, and better yet, could I grow it? She was interested in blending it with her coffee for a new product.
Well I never really know if I can grow something new until I try and of course I am always game to try.
In fact more than game. I love growing new things.

But I kinda thought this one I could do. My mom grew chicory as a coffee substitute and although my soil is heavier than that on our family farm I figured it would be okay.
I found the seed and ordered it from Italy.
Today was "the dig".
Long roots that chicory! It was tough to get them without some breakage, but it was fun. Diana is a cool person with very good coffee. Does it get better than that? And she arrived with some of her "Farmer's Blend" coffee for me. Yum!
She's got some work on her hands to sort out the drying of it. I hope it works out well...I am anxious to try it.
Diana's got the roots!

Then this afternoon was time to get the garlic planted. As will be tomorrow and the day after that.
One can never have too much garlic!
The ground turned up beautifully.

Draw the rows...

Separate the heads into cloves, pointed end up!

I'm planting lots of different varieties this year, maybe 25 different ones or so.
It's beautiful stuff.

A couple thousand cloves will go in.
I can't wait to try these distinct varieties next year!

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