Saturday, October 6, 2012

30 Days On My Small Farm-Day 10 (It's Cold!)

Is tonight the night?
I don't know.
With scattered clouds tonight and a predicted low of 4 degrees in Wainfleet, I think it might be.
Frost that is.

Am I ready? Did I get everything done?
No. Heck no.

If I'd had more time I would have picked so much more.

I'm hoping I'll catch a break and it will be a week more.
Today I managed to...

Dig up my special basils to bring indoors. This includes my African Blue, African Spice and a few more. I'll gradually move them all the way indoors after a week or so. In at night, out during the day until they have adjusted to their new environment.

 I also picked peppers. Lots of peppers.
Over one hundred pounds with many more than that left to pick should the temperatures cooperate.
Need peppers? I've got 'em!

I picked some of the special ones, including the Trinidad Scorpion.
Special? Maybe just evil.

And more ultra hots. A bushel of stupid hot.  Bhut Jolokia, Giant Bhut Jolokia, Butch T, 7 Pot,
Yellow Ghost, Fatalii.
Aren't they lovely?

Then that was it. Save for the greenhouse waterings.
It's now time to get ready for the feast tomorrow, frost or not.
Lots to be thankful for, including a huge amount of food still in the garden and the new food growing still.
And much, much more.

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