Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let's play identify that veg!

The 30 days straight of blog posts is so not happening anymore.
Life beyond the computer took over this weekend.
After a great deal of agonizing I bought a car to replace my old and failing Honda. That took time.
Then family came and family needed my time. And I needed my time with them.
So the garden...and the blog sat this one out.

Just to see if anyone is still out there, let's play identify that vegetable!

You win nothing. But you are a winner! And who doesn't like that title?
If you are the only one to actually comment, then you are automatically the winner whether you get any right at all. How sweet is that?








Answers tomorrow!


BorrowedEarth said...

A Red celery?

B I can't tell, but must be some kind of brassica

C Rhubarb

D Cardoon or artichoke?

E Malibar Spinach

F Beet

G Turnips?

H some kind of beet?

bluelacedredhead said...

a)Red Celery
b)Dunno, but you talked about this at the Burlington why can't I remember? ;)
c) Rhubarb
d) Globe Artichoke
e) Red Malabar spinach
f) Mangel
g) Chinese Winter Radish (Pink Rose?)
h) Detroit Dark Red Beet