Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bicolour Tomatoes, 2016

If you are coming out to buy seedlings from me this spring, beginning on the long weekend in May (21st), following is the list of bicolour tomatoes that will be available. I believe there are 100 on this list, and within the next few days, I'll be posting the names of more of the different coloured varieties.
I am putting together brief descriptions of all varieties, but if you are purusing this list and see a name you like you can research it a bit more. Most, but not all should be traceable online. If not, I am happy to tell you about them.

 As always it is first come, first served, but there are always lots of tomatoes and as I always say, they are all good. They really are.

Now for the snow to stop this mid-April foolishness and let the real spring arrive.

Angora Potato Leaf
Arkansas Marvel
Ananas Noire
Beauty Queen
Black Zebra Cherry
Blonde Boar
Bicolored Cherry
Black Zebra
Black Striped Cherry
Big Zebra
Beauty King
Big Rainbow
Big White Pink Stripe
Black and Brown Boar
Burracker's Favorite
Canadian Sunset
Casady's Folly
Chocolate Stripes
Dark Galaxy
Dads Sunset
Dino Eggs
Exotic Cherry
Darby Striped Red Green
Darby Striped Yellow Green
Darby Striped Pink Yellow
Early Yellow Stripes
Gajo de Melon
Golden Cherokee
Green Sausage
Green Bell Pepper
Gogoshari Striped
GermanStriped Stuffer
Green Tiger
Green Zebra
Hippie Zebra
Hillbilly Potato Lange
Isis Candy Cherry
Joie de Vivre
Lucky Tiger
Little Lucky
Lange AEmer
Lycopersicon Melanocarpa
Mammoth German Gold
Marz Yellow Red Stripes
Michael Pollan
Marvel Striped Zapotec
Mary Robinson
Mr Stripey
Natures Riddle
Orange Russian 117
Old German
Oaxacan Jewel
Orange ET Green Zebra Striped
Purple Bumblebee
Pink Tiger
Primary Colors
Pastel Sleeves
Pink Bumblebee
Pixie Striped
Polish Pastel
Plum Tigress
Pink Fuzzy Boar
Piedmont Pear
Red Belly
Sweet Carneros Pink
Sunrise Bumblebee
Red Zebra
Roughwood Golden Tiger
Striped Red Furry Hog
Stripes of Yore
Striped Cavern
Striped Roman Yellow
Speckled Peach
Speckled Roman
Striped Black Cherry
Siberian Speckled
Topaz Or Huan
Tiger Paw
Tiger Tom
Turkish Monastery
Virginia Sweets
Vintage Wine
Violet Jasper
White Zebra
Williams Striped
Velve Striee
Yellow Tiger Striped

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