Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Green and White Tomatoes, 2016

Aunt Rubys German Green

Four weeks out from the big sale, transplanting is done and the plants are looking fantastic! I'm very excited for this year- the plants are enjoying the weather and are thriving. Keep posted for a blog post regarding 'Tomato Days' which will fall on the 21st this year.

Below find a list of the green and white tomatoes that will be available at the sale and afterwards:

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Aunt Ruby's German Green Cherry
Cherokee Green
Emerald Apple
Emerald Cherry
Green Ghost
Green Doctor's
Green Doctor's Frosted
Green Sausage
Green Pear
Gold n' Green
Green Belle
Lime Green Salad 
Moldovan Green
Thompson Classic Seedless
Verde Rallado

Bianca Cherry
Cream Sausage
Dons' White
Duggin White
Fantom du Laos
Ivory Egg
Micado Blanc
Snow White
Ivory Pear
White Currant
Great White
White Beauty
White Oxheart
White Bush
White Brandywine

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