Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Black, Brown and Blue Tomatoes, 2016

It's a busy time of year, crazy busy. I am in the midst of doing all the transplanting, a job that can seem never-ending at times.
The plants are looking good, and have been loving the sun and warm temperatures. I know a cold weekend is on the way, a reminder that tomato planting time is still a ways off.
My sales begin in 4 1/2 weeks, May 21. Lots to do yet, and hopefully pop a bit of the garden in too. But I will be ready.
Here are the browns, blues and blacks that will be available when I open up:

Amethyst Cream

Azteca Negro
Amazon Chocolate
Black Star
Black Cherry
Blue Fire
Blue Pitts
Blue Bayou
Blue Angel
Brad's Black Heart
Brazilian Beauty
Black Sea Man
Black Moor
Black Krim
Black Plum
Black Icicle
Black Ruffles
Black Ethiopian
Black Brown Boar
Small Black Pear
Black Pear
Cuban Black
Clackamas Blueberry
Cherry Brownies
 Chocolate Pear
Carol Chykos Black Paste
Chocolate Cherry
Café Bule
Cherokee Chocolate
Dancing with the Smurfs
De Barao Black
Dark Italian
Fahrenheit Blues
Hearts Delight Black
Japanese Trifele Black
Mr Brown
Ozark Sunset
Osu Blue
Paul Robeson
Primary Colors
Plum Black
Russian Cossack
Sandys Chocolate Cherry
Black Brandywine
Turks Muts
Tsungshigo Japanese
Tendence Bleu
Wooly Blue Jay

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