Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sweet and Hot Peppers, 2016

So, you are looking for pepper seedlings for your garden for the upcoming season (which it seems may actually be coming?)
Here is the listing of what you will find available on my small farm when I open for seedling sale on May 21st. Remember all are limited quantity, although I did plant many more than last year, when I sold out on the first day.
There are lots of interesting hot varieties this year, different heat levels, colours and tastes.
What do I recommend? Everything of course! I grow it all.

Hot Peppers
Diente de Perro
Aleppo 37
Corazon de Palmona
Sola Arunachai
Biquinho Yellow
Cumari do Para
Brown Egg
Alma Paprika
Bhut Jolokia Orange
Bhut Jolokia
Aji Limon
Inca Lost Pepper
Red Mushroom
Chinese 5 Color
White Habanero
Pasillo Bajia
Lemon Drop
Georgia Flame
Wenks Yellow Hots
McMahons Texas Bird
Bellingratt Gardens
Tri Variegated
Peach Habanero
7 Pod Brain Strain
Black Scorpion Tongue
Orange Thai
Hot Portugal
Santa Fe Grande
Czech Black
Romanian Hot

Sweet Peppers
Doe Hill
Mama Mia Giallo
Amish Pimento
Sweet Salad
Orange Bell
Marconi Purple
Patio Red Marconi
Napoleon Sweet
Sweet Chocolate
Chinese Giant
Red Belgian
Ruby King
Garden Sunshine
Chervena Chushka
Golden Treasure
Round Tomato Shaped Pimento
Antoni Romanian
King of the North
Bull Nose Bell
Jimmy Nardello
Mini Yellow
Mini Red
Mini Choc.
Purple Beauty
Pinot Noir
Giant Aconcagua
Giant Szedgi
Canary Ball
Marconi Red
Trinidad Perfume
Jaluv Attitude

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