Monday, April 1, 2013

Pink/Purple Tomato Varieties 2013

If people have heard of any heirloom tomato varieties at all, they have usually heard of Brandywine.
In fact, along with Yellow Pear, it is the first heirloom tomato variety I ever grew in my garden, some 20 or more years ago.

There was no guessing for me. I already knew how good they were, because my mom was growing them 40 years ago when I was just a kid growing up on the farm.

Brandywine has won many taste tests with it's sweet rich flavour. It is summer in a big irregular tomato-shaped package. Drool.

On this cold and nippy first day of April summer and tomatoes sound amazing. They will be.
My seeds are in, and these are all the pink and purple varieties you'll find here when it comes time to plant your little piece of heaven.

Amerikanskiy Vytyanutyi
Aunt Ginny's Purple
Anna Russian
Buffalo Heart Giant
Big Purple Brandywine
Bear Creek
Bushy Chabarovsky
Brandywine Sudduth Strain
Brandywine Glick's Strain
Brandysweet Plum
Big Raspberry
Bread and Salt
Bashkirskiy Krasavets
Canary Rose
Clear Pink
Caspian Pink
Cherokee Purple
Crimean Rose
Clear Pink Early
Chinese Purple
Dr Lyle
Dr Carolyn's Pink
Dingo Eye
Depp's Pink Firefly
Dolore's Romanian
Dwarf Champion Improved
Dark Rose
Eagle's Beak
Ella's Pink Plum
Evan's Purple Pear
Earl's Faux
Enormous Plum
Eva Purple Ball
Ferris Wheel
Fruit Punch
Grace Lahman's Pink
Gezhante Buhrurkeel
Grimpante X Brandywine
German Johnson
German Pink
German Lunchbox
Gregori's Altai
Grightmire's Pride
Hungarian Heart
Japanese Oxheart
Jeff Davis
June Pink
Japanese Plum
Kalman's Hungarian Pink
Kentucky Plate
Large Pink
Lincoln Adams
Lithuanian Pink
Marianna's Peace
Mrs Houseworth
Mike's Italian
Marizol Purple Cross
Marlowe Charleston
Ozark Pink
Pink Petticoat
Potato Leaf
Purple Smudge
Pruden's Purple
Porter's Dark Cherry
Pink Ice
1884 Purple
Purple Dog Creek
Purple Brandy
Purple Hillbilly
Purple Calabash
Pamyati Kobneeva
Pearly Pink
Purple Pear
Purple Cherry
Pink Monserrat
Pink Ruffled
Purple Smudge
Purple Russian
Rose de Berne
Russian Rose
Rosovyi Flamingo
Ramillete de Mallorca
Snog's pride
Shaker Village
Shirley S
Sweet Carneros Pink
Trucker's Favorite
Thai Pink Egg
Tsungshigo Chinese
Tlacolula Pink
Ukranian Purple
Una Hartsock
VB Russia
Vinson Watts
Wolford Wonder

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