Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My April To-Do and Done List

Cold enough for you?
What a Canadian thing to say. Eh?

It is a bit colder than it should be as far as I am concerned. However I am forging ahead as if, yes-the warm weather will come. In fact it is supposed to tomorrow.

In my little bit of paradise here in Wellandport, Canadian gardening zone 6b, there are some things that I want to get done around April the first.

Most of it revolves around planting and transplanting.  

It's time for lots of things. I'll seed lots of flowers now, marigolds, zinnias, cockscomb and Mexican Sunflowers. April 1st also means basils, ground cherries, cape gooseberries, tomatillos and more lettuces, brassicas and chards.

Outside I'm thrilled to have the peas in. It's important to me for lots of reasons.  My mom always said have your peas in for Easter, and my mom also passed away on Easter. It is just another reason to think of her, which I often will do in the garden.

Lots of ground outside is tilled and waiting for warmer temperatures. There isn't a whole lot of point doing anything out there when the soil is still so cold. 

Hopefully in a weeks time that will all change and in will go lettuces, chards, kales, radishes, spinach, assorted greens, scallions, onions and whatever else I can think of that is cold weather hardy.

There are lots of tasty greens in my greenhouse now. Walking into it is an explosion of colour and smells. Perfume from mustard green flowers is incredible. 
Now I'm thinking. If Bruce Willis  has a perfume (I mean who doesn't ), maybe I should too. Eau de Fleurs de Moutarde. 

I digress. It is all going to seed and will disappear completely in a few days. Time to get lots in there as well, like lettuces, radishes and make way for the early Stupice tomatoes that will go in within the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I continue transplanting. Brassicas, lettuces, herbs like sage and orange thyme. Doesn't sound like a big deal  when it fits into a nice little concise sentence like that. It is a job though- a pretty big one, but dwarfed significantly at the prospect of tomato transplanting. 

That's when I disappear for weeks. Hiding out in my hoophouse, coming out for food from time to time. Seriously. That's when the weight starts dropping off. It's hard to eat enough to make up for all the physical activity.

Interested in "Veggie Boot Camp"? Seriously. Lose weight, feel great. Apply within if you want to volunteer to help out.

I am gearing up for tomato seedling sales and my "Tomato Days" event, May 18,19, 20. 

Yes, Tomato Days. Where many things can happen and sometimes they do. Good gardens can start here, and love can be found here too. It's true. Romance has blossomed amongst the Aunt Ruby's and Stupice. A meeting place for kindred spirits.

Don't come too fast May. There's still so much to do!


Izabell Fagan said...

I would love to volunteer for your veggie boot camp! Perhaps in a year or two it can be arranged....

Linda said...

I'll hold you to that, Iz!

Holly Brown said...

I've heard of lemon thyme and grown it...but orange thyme sounds amazing!

Steph Ward said...

I would def sign up for boot camp! It would be hard though, as I have the (nursing) baby to be gone all day. Oh how I would love to. Next year, pen me in (not pencil). I grew up on a farm, have four kids...I know work lol.

Linda said...

Sounds good're in! With 4 kids, yes, you know work!