Monday, April 8, 2013

Seeding, Transplanting and Replanting for Seed

Eggplants-time to pot up!

Is it considered multi-tasking if you do all kinds of different things in one day?
I guess not, but I feel like I'm doing lots of different things at once. In my head I am, as my mind races to the next task before I have finished the one I am working on.

Today it was transplanting. Peppers for another grower, about 1000 of them, into cellpacks. Fill cell packs with soil, transfer seedlings to cells and repeat.

Next up, the eggplants. All these go into 3 1/2 " pots, but alas, not a job I completed today.

This empty space on my greenhouse tables is soon going to be transformed into a sea of green. Peppers, eggplants and TOMATOES!

I admit I got sidetracked. There is rain in the forecast so out go the turnips I stored all winter, replanted for seed. Below are my very special "Long Blanc d'Espagne"

Mangels back in the ground for a seed crop. I must admit I think this replanting thing is so much fun. Waiting for the seed stalk to shoot up amazes me. Nature knows what she is doing.
Beets, carrots, winter radishes and turnips all are treated the same way.

These are my Valentine radishes, replanted for seed. Still so firm after a winter of being stored. Mollie and I ate some of the excess for supper tonight.

The Bleu de Solaise leeks survived the winter and will produce tons of seed.

Out went the fig trees today in a sheltered spot. If it dips too low, back into the garage they go.

Also with the promise of rain, I seeded arugula, more salad mix, radishes and onions into my outside garden. They'll all grow when the time is right.
Mother Nature knows what she's doing.


Jessica Veter said...

About your fig trees. I'd love to get one or two for the garden, but worry about over-wintering. My garage is unheated and unattached to the house (so no residual heat, either). I don't have a basement, either. Would the trees survive in the garage, do you think? We're in zone 6B (north of Hamilton), so I can expect -20 in the winter (though luckily not for a couple of years).
I love that you replant your radishes etc, for seed. Great idea, thanks!

Linda said...

Hi garage is unheated too, although attached to the house. I bet if you put them in your garage and even threw some blankets over them, that they would be just fine. They are great to have-fresh figs are so good!

Jessica Veter said...

Thanks, Linda. I think I'll give one a go this year and if it over-winters okay, I'll get another.
I see 'fresh' figs in the shops at exorbitant prices and think: there MUST be a better way.