Friday, March 29, 2013

Green and White Tomato Varieties 2013

Two of the most misunderstood tomato colours in my opinion are the sweet and mild whites and the spicy and sassy greens.

I like the whites to make a surprising white salsa and spaghetti sauce, gorgeous with bright red peppers added.

And the greens? Well, once you try the greens you are hooked. One of the best tasting tomatoes I have is green, the Thompson Classic Seedless. I can't tell you how many people have said to me, "I don't even LIKE tomatoes, but I like this one." It's true!

I wouldn't lie about tomatoes.

So maybe this year is the year to try some whites and greens. I have some exceptional ones.

Here's the list for this year, most available at my "Tomato Days" sale May18, 19, 20 here on my small farm.

Aunt Ruby's German Green
Aunt Ruby's German Green Cherry
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Green pear
Cherokee Green grape
Chile Verde
Dwarf Beryl Beauty
Dwarf Green Cherry
Dorothy's Green
Emerald Apple
Emerald Cherry
Green Sausage
Green Bombs
Grandma Oliver's Green
Green Belle
Green Envy
Green Pear
Green Skin Longkeeper
Golden Green
Green Bell
Green Doctor's Frosted
Green Doctors
Grub's Mystery green
Green pineapple
Green Giant
Gruene Helarios
Green Velvet
Garden Lime
Granny Smith
Izumrudnoe Yabloko
Lime Green Salad
Malachite Box (Malakhitovaya Shkatulka)
Moldovan Green
Marz Round Green
Marz Green
Spears Tennessee Green
Summertime Green
Thompson Classic Seedless
Verde Rallado
Walthrup Green

Blonde Boar
Cream Sausage
Dwarf Mr Snow
David's Ivory Pineapple
Don's White
Douce De Picardie
Duggin White
Etoile Blanche D'Anvers
Fantom du Laos
Ghost Cherry
Great White
Halfmoon China
Ivory Pear
Ivory Egg
Micado Blanc
Old Ivory Egg
Potato Leaf White
Peche Blanche
Super Snow White
Snow White
Sutton White
Tomesol White
White Beauty
White Wonder
White Brandywine
White Cherry
White Oxheart
White Currant
White Bush

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