Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black/Brown/Blue Tomato Varieties 2013

Are you thinking about tomatoes the same way I am right now?
The last two weeks has been a flurry of tomato seeding, and I am not done yet.
In fact back to it in just a minute.
But first I want to let you know which black, brown and blue tomatoes you may find for sale at my farm over the long weekend in May (and beyond that date too!)
There are some fabulous tomatoes on this list. It's nice to stick with the tried and true, but also great to add some new ones that could become favourites. With me, they all become favourites.
That's why, when people ask me "what's good?" when they come to purchase their plants, my reply is pretty standard. "They all are!"
It's true!

Amazon Chocolate
Blue Match
Brad's Black Heart
Black from Tula
Black pear
Black Brandywine (Reg leaf)
Brazilian Beauty
Black Early
Black Prince
Blue Angel
Black Magic
Black Emperor
Black Russian
Black Cuban
Black Cherry
Blue Fruit
Brown Berry
Brown Flesh
Black Cherry Plum
Black Moor
Black Oxheart
Black Yum Yum
Black Tom
Black Brown Boar
Black Ethiopian
Black Plum
Black Icicle
Black Roma
Black Sea Man
Black Star
Black Bell
Black Krim
Carol Chyko's Big Paste Black
Cherokee Chocolate
Cuban Black
Chernyi Krim
JD's Special C-Tex
Cafe Bule
Chocolate pear
Cherry Brownies
Chocolate Cherry
Dwarf Wild Fred
Debarao Black
Dark Italian
Dark Brandy
Fioletovy1 Kruglyi
Gary O'Sena
Heart's Delite Black
Indigo Rose
Japanese Black Trifele
Kiss The Sky
Mr Brown
Mikado Chernyi
Noire Charbonneuse
Noire De Coseboeuf
Noire de Crimee
Osu Blue
Perth Pride
Pink Boar
Plum Black
Paul Robeson
Robeson Angolan
Russian Chocolate
Sara Black
Sleeping Lady
Sandy's Chocolate Cherry
Turk's Muts
Tendence Marron
True Black Brandywine
Tasmanian Chocolate


Colette said...

Wow Linda I am impressed. How many of each do you plant?

Linda said...

Some are very popular, so more of them, less of others. It ends up being more than 10,000 that I seed. And I hope to finish this weekend!