Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bicolour Tomatoes 2013

I'm in high planting mode right now.
It's tomato time.
It still is plenty early I think as I gaze out the window at the...snow.
Yes, it's spring and it's snowy and cold. A reminder, I think, that you can't jump the gun getting your plants in. It really will be 9 more weeks until they can safely go in the ground in our neck of the woods, Southern Ontario, Canada.
I begin seeding mine now simply because I have so many to do. If I didn't, I wouldn't worry about it until April.
Today was the bicolours. Fabulous stripes, contrasting colours and amazing tastes.
Here's what I planted today...most of which you will find here at my Tomato Days sale, May 18th, 19th and 20th, from 8-4 pm. There are some really great tomatoes here and I can't wait to eat them.
What are your favourite bicolours?

Abraca Zebra
Angora potato leaf
Arkansas Marvel
Ananas Noire
AAA Sweet Solano
Big Orange Stripe
Big Rainbow
Big White Pink Stripe
Black Zebra
Bunte Pflaume
Big Zebra
Big Orange Bicolor
Burracker's Favourite
Blue Streak
Black Zebra Cherry
Brown Flesh Jumbo
Beauty Queen
Blonde Boar
Black Striped Cherry
Bicolor Cherry
Black and Brown Boar
Big Yellow Zebra
Boar's Hoof
Berkley's Tie Dye
Berkley Tie Dye Oval
Berkeley Tie Dye Pink
Candy Stripe
Chocolate Stripes
Cassady's Folly
Dad's Sunset
Dino Eggs
Darby Striped Pink Yellow
Darby Striped Yellow Green
Darby striped Red Green
Exotic Cherry
Early Yellow Stripe
Everett's Rusty Oxheart
Elberta Peach
Guernsey Island
Green Zebra Cherry
Golden Gates
German Striped Stuffer
Gogoshari Striped
Green Zebra
Georgia Streak
Gold Medal
Green Bell Pepper
Gajo De Melon
Hazel Mae
Hippie Zebra
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Indian Stripe
Isis Candy Cherry
King Pineapple
Little Lucky Heart 
Lange Amer
Lycopersicon Melanocarpa
Lenny and Gracie's Kentucky Heirloom
Little Lucky
Mammoth German Gold
Marizol Magic
Mr Stripey
Michael Pollan
Marz Yellow Red stripe
Marvel Striped Zapotec
Marvel Striped
Northern Lights
Nature's Riddle
Oaxacan Jewel
Orange ET Zebra Striped
Orange Flesh Purple Smudge
Old Flame
Orange Russian
Old German
Piedmont Pear
Plum Tigress
Pixie Striped
Pink Fuzzy Boar
Polish Pastel
Pineapple Pig
Pink Boar
Primary Colors
Red Belly
Red Furry Hog
Red Zebra
Roughwood Golden Tiger
Ruby Gold
Rhoades Heirloom
Rainbow Cherry
Speckled Roman
Speckled Roma
Sweet Carneros Pink
Siberian Speckled
Sink's Striped
Striped Turkish
Speckled peach
Spot Yellow
Serendipity Striped
Striped Black Cherry 
Striped cavern
Striped Red Furry Hog
Striped Roman Yellow
Tiger Paw
Tiger Tom
Turkish Monastery
Trenton's Tiger
Topaz Or Huan O
Vintage Wine
Velve Striee
Val's Green Striped
Virginia Sweets
Violet Jasper
Val's Black Striped
White Zebra
Yellow Tiger Stripe
Zebra Rita

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