Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer CSA Week 4-Stupid Hot and Stinking Dry

Sometimes a title says it all. For me, this one does.
It was stupid hot today. Like some of the peppers I'm growing, like Death Valley, like walking into a  hot oven.

This weather makes me a bit queasy to work in. It also makes greens that could have been in the CSA baskets today remain in the garden until common sense prevails and the weather cools off a bit. The greens, cut and cooled, could not handle sitting on a shady porch for any period of time today. It would have been a complete waste.
All I can say is that I am very happy I got my old car's air conditioning fixed last Friday. Whew!
Baskets today contained smaller amounts of various veg. Beets, beans, basil, garlic, purslane, mouse melons, rat tailed radishes, and a few other things as well. Oh-is there a tomato in there? A few peppers?

Next week I think, if all goes according to plan and all the crops haven't burnt off, you will see increased quantities of veg in the baskets. The beans are coming on strong, as are a number of other crops.
That is, of course, as long as we keep the water to things. It is extremely dry. It is beyond my comprehension how people with a sandy soil are coping in this drought.  Have you got sandy soil-how is it for you?
In my clay it is tough even. I've never had a problem getting things to germinate in the summer, as I continue to plant through till September outside.
But I've had 3 failed salad planting and 2 failed parsnip plantings despite watering up to five times a day. Wow.
Potatoes are poor, peppers awesome, tomatoes okay and basil very good. I think I am downgrading this season from a good, to a "I hope okay".
I hope.
rat tailed radishes

Being weather dependent is not making me happy right now. But Maris and I plug away and remain optimistic. Why be anything else?
Thanks for your support everyone. We're working hard, praying for rain, weeding and watering and continuing to plant.
"We shall never surrender!"


The Art of Doing Stuff said...

Soldier on mighty gardener. 1st ripe tomato appeared today. (Fargo - seeds courtesy of you) Will pick, slice and eat it tomorrow. Good luck.

Linda said...

Thanks, Karen! Come visit soon.

The Art of Doing Stuff said...

I'm planning on it and looking forward to it. Gonna wait until the tomatoes are looking their best. :) Gotta give the ladies a decent amount of time to prepare. ;) ~ karen

Ryan said...

Sandy soil...oh yes, we have that. We germinate everything in greenhouse where we can control the watering and then plant out to the field with copious amounts of watering every day. It has been labour intensive and disheartening, but a good lesson in water management. Glad to see you are still getting along okay despite this drought and let us all hope for a little rain soon.

Linda said...

Thanks Ryan-hope the rains have found you!