Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer CSA-Week 2

Rain, glorious rain today!
A good rain, a soaking rain and a just what we needed rain.

They're coming!
You can irrigate with sprinklers and hoses and drip irrigation all you want, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING ever waters like a good drenching rain.
By my estimates everything will be much taller tomorrow morning, including the weeds.
No matter.
I'll be like a kid at Christmas, racing out my garden tomorrow to see what happened overnight.
My dad always told me most of the growing happens at night in a garden, or farmer's field.
I think that's true.
My late planted corn, although not "knee high by the first of July" will be knee high tomorrow. Betcha!

Todays baskets delivered into town by a frizzy haired madame, (that's me), contained lettuces, chard, mini beets or carrots, basils, garlic, leaf celery, a bit of dill, peppermint, and a bit more too.
The basils will keep coming, so better get creative!
Basil freezes very well, as does pesto and it is so wonderful in the middle of winter. What a hit of summer.
Basil ice cream is fabulous, basil soup, candied basil and the ultimate a dessert pairing basil and chocolate. Oh my.
This is what I'm making for dessert this week...and you?

(from tastykitchen.com)


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