Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Post-Maris the Amazing Farm Intern loves his Ducks

These are NOT Maris's hands!!

Hello everybody. I’ve got a few random things to mention this week, some of which you might already be aware of.
We’ve had several duck eggs in the incubator since I started my internship here. At first I thought it was a sure thing and was somewhat disappointed when there weren’t half a dozen ducks popping out of shells four weeks later. But now there are finally two little ducklings that have been bouncing around for two weeks (one was only born the previous Monday). I’m pretty sure most of you readers have already seen the all too precious pictures of the first guy hatching. They’re both quite different in appearance as their genes could include Indian Runner as well as Ruin traits, but they both get along quite well together in the same box. They’ve definitely got the ‘follow mama’ instinct (which I’m sure is vital to their survival) as they quickly scuttle close behind people walking. I was watching over them for the weekend back in Hamilton and actually brought them downtown with me so that my all-to-eager city friends (or tenderfoots) could be amazed. They followed me down the street and, needless to say, people were watching me from a distance with confused looks on their face until I approached. Then they were really confused. Anyway, these ducks seem to double in size every three days or so and have to be moved to an increasingly larger box. They’re large enough and mobile enough to have them outside now so I had them in the garden today while I was weeding. They did their part and ate every little bug in sight.
And I’m sure you’re all aware as well that Linda’s having her Basil Bash this Sunday. So if you’re planning on dropping by just give Linda a confirmation or some kind of a heads up. There’s going to be more basil varieties then most of you have heard of. This means a win for basil lovers as well as basil skeptics as you’ll have a chance to try a multitude of flavours.
A New Leaf Farm is doing swell as well. We’ve got a whole bunch of different beans ripening right now and some of the tomatoes have been ready as well. I also had my first sun berry which looks like a blueberry, but it tastes more like a sweet little tomato. We’re sending the first batch of Muscovy ducks to the chopping block tomorrow (sorry Linda and other vegetarians alike), but we’re going to be keeping the one that has developed really pretty, dark blue feathering. Linda’s old Indian Runner has been hanging out with the flock of Muscovies so I guess the two of them will be old veterans and lifelong pets at A New Leaf along with some of the other goofballs we keep around.
 Anyway, I hope to see some of you this Sunday at Tree and Twig and thanks for reading.

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