Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer CSA-Week 3 and Garden News

That seems to be how the year is going.
A dry winter, dry spring and dry summer.
I can't believe how dry. My clay is superb at holding the moisture, but there's not really any moisture to hold on to.

So we water. Right now too we are thick into the weeding  and assorted duck dilemmas.
Okay...so Pavlov seen above popping out of his egg is not a duck dilemma. By the way, no one is in agreement with the name I gave the little soul. I like it.  Isn't he (she) fabulous?
But my two big boy ducks can't seem to get along. One is always charging the other, head down, full speed ahead.
The girls are doing as Indian Runners do. Dropping their eggs here, there and everywhere. Some we find, some the racoons find. It is incredible to me that Indian Runner ducks still exist. They have no mothering instinct whatsoever. At least mine don't. I'd like to think I've been a fine role model too.
The ducks have been naughty too. Dang.
I went out tonight to do a bit of watering and my newest planting of chard has been mowed down.
Last week it was the soybeans for edamame. They appear to be coming back, but will it be just so they can be eaten prematurely again?
What's with those ducks? I've not had these problems before.
The baskets today had, amongst other things a good healthy dose of Sylvetta arugula-zesty and pungent. There was garlic, basils, lettuces, summer squash in some baskets, beets in others. Rat tailed radishes (lots more on the way), oregano-thyme mint, a greens mix (chard, chicory,brassica) and probably a few other things that I can't think of right now.
The summer harvest explosion is not upon us yet. But it will be.
Still to come are loads of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, ground cherries, cukes and zukes, beans, brassica crops, sweet corn, lots more beets and carrots,...and on and on. Some pretty cool things too. I'm excited. Hope you are too!
Now-what to do with all that arugula?
I thought soup- a chilled soup. This recipe looks like it is worth playing around with. Give it a go! I sure am.

Chilled Arugula Soup with Preserved Lemon

I dig garlic


Chef David said...

Arugula Pesto!

Linda said...

Yes-that's yummy!

Jo said...

I love the name Pavlov!! Mind you, I'm horrendously biased.