Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Tell Me a Garden Story" Contest and win seed !

I've entered a few contests lately.  Really... why not?

One I entered is a makeover contest.  I'm really hoping I win. I mean, I had to send in a picture and everything so they get a sense of whether or not there is any raw material to work with at all.

I'm not sure if the "farmer" label in my write up will throw them off. They must wonder why someone who does what I do would want a makeover.

Probably will help me sell more vegetables I figure. Can you imagine driving by and seeing a glamorous farmer in the field working? (Me!)

Surely you'd slam on the brakes, put your jalopy in reverse and come back to buy vegetables from me. That's what I think anyhow. We'll see how it all turns out.

Well, I'm not proposing to make anyone over.  Heaven forbid.

But around this time last year I offered The Great Seed Giveaway on this blog to good response. Again this year  I have some left- over seed, as well as some nice new seed harvested fresh from my garden for 2012 sales.  Some very intriguing seed, rare seed and just plain cool seed.

So tell me your garden stories!  In return I'll send the author of the story I like the best 25 packets of seed for your 2012 garden. This selection will include vegetables (including some rare tomato seed), herbs and flowers as well.  Heavy, of course, on the vegetables.  And with the author's permission, I'll print the story on my blog.

Preferably the stories will be non-fiction, no more than 500 words in length and about your vegetable garden or vegetable gardening experiences. Pictures are welcome, as are amusing stories!  I don't care if you are new to gardening, an experienced gardener, or how large or  small your garden. If you grow in pots, send in your story! Children are welcome to write in too.  Gardening embraces and enthrals us all.  And I'll mail the winner's seed anywhere in the world. I'd love to hear from faraway places.

Please send your entries to me at info@treeandtwig.ca before November 30, 2011.

Win some cool seed.  Seed and stories are for sharing!

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